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Our Commitment

Carbon neutral delivery

Our deliveries are carbon neutral through AustPost or Sendle. We only use recycled, biodegradable, or compostable materials for packaging. You can find out more about our packaging here.

Carbon neutral delivery

We are committed to donating a fixed amount for every single bag that is purchased and delivered. Donations are made every 6 months (twice a year). And you get to tell us who we should donate to.

Carbon neutral delivery

For every Bump & Me Bag turned Bub & Me Bag, we plant a native Australian tree on behalf of you and your newborn baby through GreenFleet Australia, complete with a certificate of appreciation.

Carbon neutral delivery

We support and help promote chosen small and local businesses around Australia that share similar values with us by sharing their products in our bags, or by featuring their services in our online directory.

Nominate for A Cause

If there is a particular charity or cause that you feel strongly about, or if there is a story that you’d like to share, not only do we want to hear about it, we want to extend the dollars to a purpose that matters to you.

After your successful purchase, or around a week before the delivery of your next bag, you will be asked to answer or update your answers for a questionnaire about your preferences and likes. At the end of this questionnaire, we will ask if you’d like to nominate a charity of your choice to receive our donation. Make sure to let us know your story, or why it sits so close to your heart. If your story is a long one, write us an email. We will read every single one of them.

If your story and charity or cause is chosen as one of the final nominations, with your permission, we will feature both the story and the charity or cause on our website and social media pages for voting.

Finally, at the end of every 6 months, we will calculate the total amount of bags delivered, and send off a bulk donation to this charity, or cause.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

 — Mahatma Gandhi