How to Dispose of ethiSACK Packaging | ethiSACK


How to recycle or dispose all of your ethiSack (and every other) packaging responsibly?

We try our best to minimise plastic and waste where possible, but as of now, it is impossible to eliminate it completely. Most of our products come with either no or minimal packaging, or in reusable packaging as we specifically request that our vendors send us their products in minimal packaging where possible to reduce wastage.

 After we’ve put together your personalised ethiSack bags, we also go through the extra step and pay extra to make sure all our packaging is either compostable or biodegradable, recyclable or uses 100% recycled materials. Especially given that you may receive as often as one parcel from us per month, you will undoubtfully end up with quite a number of extra packaging around the household.

As a general rule, we encourage re-using or re-purposing these boxes before anything else. Boxes can be used as fun art projects or re-made into storage for small things. When they cannot be repurposed, or you just have too many of them on hand, here’s a list of everything you will find in your ethiSack delivery packaging.

Cardboard box

We only use 100% recycled cardboard for our mailer boxes. And will always choose to use 100% Australian recycled cardboard where available.


‘Plastic’ Poly-Mailers

All poly-mailers we use may feel and look ‘plastic’, they are actually completely home compostable from inside-out. The main materials used are PBAT and PLA. Aside from looking like we know our stuff by throwing out these acronyms, it is worthwhile knowing that while completely biodegradable, PBAT is derived from fossil fuel. By combining with the completely plant-based PLA (a form of refined corn-starch), it offers a slightly kinder alternative to traditional plastic packaging without all the problems it may cause.

However it is also worth noting that we at ethiSack strongly discourages our customers to throw our bubble-mailers in the regular bin OR the plastic recycling bin. They CANNOT be recycled as a normal plastic, nor will they decompose easily in a landfill (can take up to 3-4 years in landfill, although still better than traditional plastic). Please cut the mailer into small pieces before placing them into your backyard compost (which can take up to 150 days to decompose) or send it to a commercial compost near you.


The brown-paper tape we use to seal your boxes are also made from 100% recycled paper, they are activated by water, so that once it’s applied to your box, they are stuck! So we don’t need to use more than that is required to seal your box. Finally, when you recycle your box, the beauty of these tape is that you do not need to peel them off! Yes, they can be recycled with your cardboard box together (I mean, who has the time to peel them off anyways?).



While not printed on recycled paper, as they were discontinued within Australia due to substantially higher cost than alternatives. All our adhesive labels come from well-managed forest pulps and are printed using soy-based inks and can be recycled with your paper box. 

For the stickers on your compostable poly-mailers, we recommend that you peel of the stickers for recycling before cutting the poly-mailer up for composting. And if you really forgot to recycle your paper stickers on your poly-mailer? They will compost too.


Shipping Labels

While there are non-tree alternatives to adhesive labels, we have chosen to use recycled paper instead as this would reduce the chances of being mistakenly thrown into the recycling bin with your paper box as the currently available alternative may cause problems at the recycling unit (and that could be worse than throwing it all in the landfill).


Tissue Paper/Void Fillers

All our tissue paper and void fillers are either from responsibly managed forest pulps, or from 100% recycled paper. Please place them with all your other paper in the paper recycling bin, or reuse them for gift wrapping, or art projects!