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Congratulations on the delivery of your baby. You’re probably very excited and super busy trying to get used to having your new human in the household. Whether you’ve delivered vaginally, or via a c-setion, this is also the most crucial and the best time for recovery.

Many cultures have a 30-42 day rest period for the new mother, and we at ethiSack encourage that you take your time to recover. Don’t be shy in letting (or asking) family and friends help you with some laundry, cook some dinner or even just order some Uber Eats for you!

Your body have just birthed a human, and there is huge change happening both physically and mentally really fast! And honestly, that is a freaking awesome feat right there!

Pelvic Floor Health

One of the many concerns many women tend to have after having a baby (in particular those wishing to deliver vaginally), is having a loosened pelvic floor (well, a 10cm head just came out of it all…) which may lead to a weak bladder, less sexual pleasure and sometimes even discomfort and pain in the lower back.

From as early as the day after you’ve given birth (or about 5 days after a c-section), you can start doing simple exercises and stretches even when lying on your bed, to make the most out of the best time for recovery.

After the initial month

After the first month or so, you would have perhaps settled into your new role, mostly recovered, and is pretty much back to be your old pre-pregnancy self again.

At around about 6-8 weeks (or when you get the OK from your health practitioner), you can begin adding a little weight to your pelvic floor exercises. We recommend to begin with the lightest weight you can keep inside while standing up, then slowly change to a larger weight as your pelvic floor muscles gets stronger.

If you’ve ordered one of our Bub & Me subscription within the first year of your baby, you would receive one of our very own pelvic floor exercise weights (made with medical grade silicon) that you can mix and match the weights to suit yourself. Alternatively, we also sell one of the most innovative kegel exercisers on the market today: the Elvie Kegel Trainer complete with an App that is a perfect suit for someone who may be a little more forgetful, a little less motivated, or for those who just want a little more fun when doing the same boring exercises everyday.