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Eco Nappy Starter Set


Unsure which brand or what kind of cloth nappy works best for you and your baby? You can read about the different types of cloth nappies here, and then, start with this pack of 4 different styles PLUS a full-sized pack of organic disposables that are 90% compostable (because face it, going completely disposable to cloth full-time is a bit scary). In addition, the set also comes with 1 pack of disposable liners (100% compostable), 1 extra booster for night-time or to hold a little extra liquid, 1 set of cloth wipes (that you can make your own wet wipes with!), and a large-sized wet & dry bag when you’re on the go.

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1x EcoNap Hybrid Pocket Nappy
1x Bare and Boho 2IO (2-in-one) Nappy
1x BabyBeehind AIO (all-in-one) with velcro
1x BabyBeehind Night Nappy
1x Ecorignal Organic Disposable Nappy Pack (90% compostable)
1x Disposable Bamboo Liner
1x Cloth wipe (5 piece set)
1x Dry & Wetbag
1x Cloth nappy wash routine hint card

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Nappy Size (Baby's Weight)

Newborn (up to 5kg), 4-7kg, 6-11kg, 10-14kg, 13-18kg


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