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What are Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN)?

When people say “cloth nappies”, many people may still associate it with a white cloth and a huge safety pin. Or at least that’s what cartoons have taught me growing up as a kid in the 90s. And if you’re anything like me with a set of fidget hands, it’s always a worry that I might poke my new baby if I were to ever use them.

Fortunately for us, nappies that sport a pin is now a thing of the past. In the recent years, the cloth nappies that are having a comeback are what we call the “modern cloth nappies” (or cloth diapers). Modern cloth nappies today come in various kinds, shapes and sizes. So much that it can actually take some time to learn and get use to.

Before I actually started the switch from going paper disposable nappies to cloth nappying, I was confused, unsure, and rather reluctant despite how many benefits there are: to my baby, the environment, and my wallet.

Since it’s so good, why didn’t I go ditch the paper completely?

Because it’s difficult to start and can be pretty gross.

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The higher initial investment aside, there are so many different advise on the internet about all kinds of cloth nappies, and when you click to go through all these different brands, you realise they all somehow look different, and probably work a little different too.

Then, there’s the main dilemma. How do you know which one suits you and your baby? It is precisely because of the higher entry price that we are reluctant to begin buying without doing any research.

If you think about it, for a full-time modern cloth nappy user, if you use only ‘one-size’ nappies from the birth to their 2nd birthday, and changes at least 5 times a day with 1 load of washing every other day, you’d be looking at needing to buy at least 20 of them (because you’ll need another set while the other half is washing/drying), and that’s not counting any extra nappies you may need in case of , extra boosters, prefolds, inserts, liners, doublers… (wait, are they not the same thing?)

Many reusable nappy brands today, do offer a ‘trial’ pack that usually comes with 2-3 sets of their signature nappies. But what if you don’t like it? This then usually means that you would end up with more hours trying to find what other brands and the other kind of reusable nappy options there are, purchasing the trial packs of other brands, testing them out before finally finding the one that you actually use and like using— if you were persistent enough.

Finally, would it really be that cost-effective (or sustainable) if you ended up with at least a dozen cloth nappies sitting at the back of your “backup” stash?

Based on your questionnaire results, our Bub and Me subscription bags have made it super easy for you to try out different kinds of cloth nappies without needing to spend extra time or a small fortune. If one kind didn’t really take your fancy, you can simply keep that single one as a back-up, or just wash it and pass it down to another parent who may find it perfect for their baby’s little bum until your next subscription delivery to try a different kind. 

Together with the guides and tips we’ve put together for you along the way, we’ll help your transition into this much kinder alternative in a slow and hassle-free way.

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